Why Choose El-Dar

All services are provided under full supervision and a team at the highest level of experience and efficiency.

 All required papers and documents are submitted to each team work before accepting any service provider to work in the company.

We have a 24/7 customer service, accomplished with taking periodic customers’ evaluations .

Full commitment to appointments. Our prices are fixed for all places.

 Multiple options to suit every budget.

Now we have enough experience in the market, we have a large number of nationalities and workers in accordance with your request and budget.

 An ideal choice for the high-end families, because we choose the workers professionally. Don’t miss that !

El-Dar is a house-keeping company licensed by the competent authorities and our administrative headquarters is (52 Al-Tayaran Street, Nasr City - Cairo - Arab Republic of Egypt) (tax registration number 698-312-918)


Our Services

Customized Services tailored to your needs


Do you think that taking care of your children is difficult to achieve? We at El-Dar do not only think about providing a nanny for children, whether Egyptian or from foreign nationalities, but rather we really offer workers who know the true value of the concept of preserving family health and cultural qualification to deal with children and the requirements of a healthy family.

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Cleaning and Cooking

Do you face difficulty in household cleaning operations on your own? We are At El-Dar have the best cleaning services for the house. We provide all cleaning and polishing work, leaving it dust-free, shiny, and organized.The best cooks and chefs are also available to help you making meals at the highest quality level

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House Management

Many homes need a smart person who can deal with the daily requirements, general supervision of the house staff, and continuous assurance that things are going in a stable and orderly manner. Because of this in El-dar , we are capable to provide you a house manager at the highest level of experience and confidence.

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Care of the Elderly

The most important thing in the elderly care is to be trained at the highest levels to be able to deal with seniors, take care of the hygiene and the tools he would use. He need to be jovially .. so anyone would feel reassured and comfortable to stay with him , and that what Aldaar can definitely provide.

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Our Vision

Ensuring the continuity of providing services and always striving for what is best for our valued customers and always being the first choice.

Our Mission

Providing the finest possible home service and always helping our customers to facilitate their daily lives by providing our distinguished service.

The (El-Dar) platform offers all home services

Babysitters / Care of the Elderly

Cleaning and Cooking

Baby sitters

House Management Service

The crew is trained at the highest level of experience and efficiency to help you do all the housework quickly and effortlessly.